Perfectly Prepped Spring Salad Bar

A Virtual
Cooking Class for Blood Sugar Balance

Come cook along side me in the kitchen, and discover how easy it can be to prep the perfect ingredients for delicious, health promoting, nutrient dense salads!

This class will give you a strong foundation for using naturally anti-inflammatory foods to create optimal health. Sign up today, and make it easy to nourish your best asset ...YOU!

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Join the Virtual Cooking Class

We'll have a ton of fun cooking together, learning delicious new recipes, and practicing techniques for keeping your food nutrient-dense, which is the foundation of blood sugar balance

You may have heard that a salad a day keeps the doctor away. That's because salads boost your microbiome and supply abundant vitamins and minerals. Discover a new mindset that will set you up for success.

After cooking together, we'll go over some of the key nutrients that support blood sugar balance and how to maximize them in your diet. You'll leave with the confidence to make healthy eating a daily habit.

This class is for you if:

You're ready to open the fridge and have limitless possibilities at your fingertips because of your new mindset, kitchen skills, and what you've already prepped in your OWN fridge!

You're ready to entice your taste buds with some new, health-promoting flavors guaranteed to get you out of any kind of food rut you might be in.

You're ready to step up to the plate, take your health into your own hands, and apply the concept of food as medicine - in your own kitchen!

You’ve been watching your lab markers rise, and you're ready to do what you can to protect yourself and support your metabolism.

You want to "eat better," but it's hard to know what to do and where to start!

You're ready for some inspiration in the kitchen with the only MSG that is good for you... That would be ME, Mary Sheila Gonnella!

My take aways from Mary Sheila have gotten me back on track to mindful eating and how easy it is to prepare and do, not to mention the eye-openers about the foods we eat. Really makes me want to choose what serves me best!

– Leslee

Here's how we'll do it!

When you register, you'll get everything you need to get started, including the shopping list, prep video, recipes, and the pre-recorded class so you'll be ready to cook alongside me in your kitchen when the time is right.

When you're ready to hit play,
we'll make all the fixings for nutrient dense salads that you can easily whip up into endless variations. The class is pre-recorded, so you can jump in when the time is right for you, and pause it as you go if you need to! You'll get to stock your fridge, so it doesn't look like a congested freeway with no passage, but an inviting path to deliciousness.

Here's a preview of the menu:

  • Marinated & Spiced -
    Lentils - These little gems hold up great in the fridge, are teaming with flavor, and make a perfect protein for any salad, especially when they're cooked just right!
    Spiced Chickpeas - Nutrient dense, protein rich, and paired to perfection.
    Onions - We'll also make quick marinated onions that you'll want to add to... well, pretty much everything.
    Hard boiled eggs - Yes, it's simple, but I never veer from my dad's recipe.
  • Blanched Veggies -
    When you get these right, you have fresh, vibrant veggies that digest more easily and pair well with literally anything.
  • Umami Sprinkle -
    You're welcome! This sprinkle - with nuts, seeds, and nutritional yeast - is worthy of topping most any savory meal, or even being eaten by itself!
  • Greens -
    Prepped greens are a game changer. If you struggle with eating the veggies you buy or effortlessly adding vibrant greens to each meal, this prep strategy will help you think differently and get those greens onto your plate.
  • Sweet & Sour Add Ons -
    No salad is complete without all the flavors, so we'll set you up to have an easy burst of sweet and acid at your fingertips!

After class, grab a cup of tea and learn more:
Deep Nutrition Lecture - Bonus!
We’ll take an in-depth look at the nutrients your body needs to truly manage blood sugar, why it's important to nourish and protect your pancreas, and how to best support your cells if they're insulin resistant.

How much? Normally priced at 85, get it for only $65 - Sign Up Here

Where? In your own kitchen :)

When? When it works for you! Grab your ingredients and hit play!

→ You're ready to own it in the kitchen.
You want to take control of your health.
Having balanced blood sugar will keep you feeling great!
You want your metabolism to hum.
You love discovering new recipes and cooking techniques.
→ Because everyone needs salad ideas that are inspiring and health promoting!
Blood sugar balance provides a solid foundation for optimal health!
You love learning in the rich soil of your own kitchen, so you know you can do it again!

Virtual cooking with you is the best! I thought you did a great job at preparing us. I loved having the ingredient list and your video to help me get ready.

– S.W.

Your Host in the Kitchen

Mary Sheila Gonnella has 15 years of experience helping people reclaim their health. As a board certified holistic nutritionist and certified Ayurvedic practitioner, she provides the information, insight, empowerment, and support you need to take charge of your health and live the life you were meant to live.

She creates a uniquely supportive experience for her clients and students. Her passion makes nutrition concepts come to life, leading her clients to consistently successful outcomes.

Mary Sheila has a way of teaching that is positive and not fear based. Her message is that food and lifestyle changes that can reverse health conditions don’t have to be extreme. Mary Sheila’s approach is informative as well as fun - as all learning should be.

– Jennifer M.

Come cook with me!